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Cornerstone Care is committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality in every aspect of our business and practices. This commitment is based on the belief that to successfully fulfill our mission, which is to improve the health of our patients and the residents of the communities that we serve, we should strive to use the best and most effective methods and practices possible.

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What is Cornerstone’s Quality Assurance Program?

Our Quality Assurance Program makes us as efficient and effective as possible with all our resources, including human, physical plant, and information assets. We're a proactive partner in health care and we understand that the field, and our practices, are always evolving. We'll do what it takes to efficiently care for our patients while maintaining high-quality standards and responsiveness - all at once!

To assure that we meet these commitments and expectations, Cornerstone Care engages in a continuous process of quality assessment and improvement. We are committed to ensuring our patient’s satisfaction with our services by constantly monitoring what goes into every aspect of our practices.

Our Quality Council is key to our success. It ensures that the voices and opinions of everyone involved in this process are heard, continuously, for improvement to our goals or priorities. The Quality Council uses the appropriate standards of care, as well as internally and externally developed priorities to keep on top of everything. They'll make recommendations as needed for our workforce or other resources, like data, that help them develop plans to improve our methods over time.

We want to make sure our workforce is best suited for the demands of Cornerstone. We are committed to creating a welcoming environment where employees can thrive and grow while maintaining high standards in all we do!

Our QA Program covers all locations and all aspects of Cornerstone Care. Cornerstone Care provides services at multiple locations and satellite sites throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.

Quality Assurance Program Mission Goal

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At Cornerstone Care, our main mission is to improve the health of our patients and residents within the communities that we serve. To be successful in that mission, we have committed ourselves to using the best and most effective methods and practices possible in every aspect of our organization.

Community Health Center Quality Recognition (CHQR) Badges